Community Services Block Grant

Where can I apply for CSBG services?

Type your address in the box below and click the Search button to find the organization providing CSBG services in your area.

Focus Areas



Income Management


Emergency Services



Family Development



What are the application requirements?

In order to apply for CSBG services, you will need to provide information related to your household circumstances. This can include who lives in your household, the amount of income received by household members and demographic information. For more information, contact the organization providing services in your area.

Am I eligible for assistance?

Please use the chart below to determine if your current income is below the income limit.

What types of services are available?

Every two years, the organizations that provide this program complete a community needs assessment. This assessment provides the focus for developing or expanding services in specific areas. The flexibility of this funding encourages innovative approaches to increase impact in local communities. CSBG services are tailored to the identified needs of each community; please contact the organization in your area for a specific listing of services. 

Some examples of services provided by our members include GED assistance, first-time home buyer education, financial literacy courses, micro enterprise programs, jobs skills assistance, assistance in applying for supportive services through community partners, transportation, HIV prevention and screening, and homelessness prevention.