Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

How can this program help my family?

This program makes home heating more affordable, assists with avoiding disconnection of utility services during the winter and helps to maintain a warm, safe and healthy environment for young children, the elderly and the disabled. The types of assistance are a one-time utility payment and emergency assistance if a household's home energy service is going to be disconnected or has been disconnected.

When is this program available?

Apply Now! Applications open November 1.


If you have a past due utility bill or less than 48 hours of bulk fuel, please contact the organization providing this program in your area.

Am I eligible for assistance?

Please use the chart below to determine if your current income is below the income limit.

What are the application requirements?

The following information is required in order to determine eligibility for this program:

  • Names/birthdates for all household members;

  • Social security numbers for all household members;

  • Heating energy vendor name/account number (utility bill);

  • Electricity vendor name/account number (electricity bill);

  • Verification of residential address (utility bill);

  • Verification of income (wage stubs, Social Security/Social Security Insurance award letters, etc.)

Where can I apply for LIHEAP?

Type your address in the box below and click the Search button to find the organization providing LIHEAP in your area.

You can also access an PDF application form and instructions by visiting your local Community Action Agency website. You will need to provide utility, electricity bills and income verification if you apply for this program via email.

Please download the application and send directly to your local Community Action Agency.