Weatherization Assistance Program

How can this program help my family?

This program assesses the energy consumption and needs of your home to determine what measures would save you the most money on your energy bill. This program then provides a unique combination of measures based on your home. This program is focused on reducing energy use, reducing health and safety issues and increasing your ability to heat your home during the winter months.

Where can I apply for Weatherization?

Type your address in the box below and click the Search button to find the organization providing this program in your area.

What are the application requirements?

The following information is required in order to determine eligibility for this program:

  • Names/birthdates for all household members;

  • Social security numbers for all household members;

  • Heating energy vendor name/account number (utility bill);

  • Electricity vendor name/account number (electricity bill);

  • Verification of residential address (utility bill);

  • Verification of income (wage stubs, Social Security/Social Security Insurance award letters, etc.)

What services are available?

The services available from this program include insulation installation, reducing air infiltration, heating system testing, general site inspection, water heater testing and minor repairs which can reduce the amount of energy you use.

When is this program available?

This program is available year round. 

Am I eligible for assistance?

Please use the chart below to determine if your current income is below the income limit.

What if I'm not a homeowner?

This program is available to homeowners and renters. The homeowner will have to complete a form, but being a renter does not disqualify you.